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Year of the Goat has to date released three albums, two EP’s and two 7” singles. On September 6th 2019 they released a brand new album, ”Novis Orbis Terrarum Ordinis”.

The music has its roots in the darker rock scene of the sixties and seventies, filled with melodies, heartfelt vocals and layers of eerie guitars, vocal harmonies, organs and mellotrons.

The latest release has gotten quite some traction, in German rock magazines Rock Hard and Metal Hammer, for instance, it reached a #1 respectively #3 in the two magazines version of a ”soundcheck”. ”It pleases us a lot, since we have fond memories of playing the Rock Hard festival and winning a Metal Hammer Award”.

The band has played at several festivals like Wacken, Hellfest, Summer Breeze, Sweden Rock, Metaltown, Tons of Rock, Roadburn, Hammer of Doom, Jalometalli and many more.

Touring has taken them from the Northern parts of Finland in the north to Athens in the south. The work with the new album dragged out a bit and has left the band hungry for meeting their audience again and play live.

Year of the Goat was formed back in 2006 and released their debut in the form of an EP, ”Lucem Ferre”, in 2011 to be followed up by the award winning ”Angels’ Necropolis” in 2012.

The follow up, ”The Unspeakable” came in 2015 and was preceded by an EP as well. It to got quite a lot of great press and was followed up by tours and festivals.

A single with two cover songs from Françoise Hardy was released in 2016 and followed by a tour in the winter of 2017. The A-side was suitably the wonderful tune ”Song of Winter” and the B-side, ”Strange Shadows”.

It took a few years, but finally the third album is out there, and a damn fine one it is. Great reviews and high ratings across the board.







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