Eclectic Metal / Punk

Metal Blade Records


Canadian metal act WAKE have never stood still musically. Whether with blindingly fast tempos, lacerative metallic riffs or achingly ominous, thunderous doom, the band has never feared bending any musical theme to its will. One constant theme has always held every song together, throughout the band’s decade-long history: pure, depressive void. WAKE push to redefine how expansive and dynamic extreme metal can be.

Devouring Ruin, sees the band explore the juxtaposition of extreme tempo change, sudden shifts, and collapsing rhythmic and psychological states to challenge genres and standards. Devouring Ruin is an open window for listeners to hear the internal ruin that lives within the band. Their personal wounds and self defeat are on clear display; the roaring emotional path that lives within them is heard through fast tempos, melodic bursts, waterfalling leads and black metal riffs – taking you full circle to embrace chaos. The album reflects the band’s personal defeats, and their acceptance to live with the emotional aftermath of their previous albums themes.