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Undying is a shining star in the original pantheon of vegan metallic hardcore.

Formed in 1998 by members of Catharsis, Day of Suffering, and other classic North Carolina outfits, Undying set a new standard for hardcore with their debut EP, "This Day All Gods Die." On the two LPs that followed, "The Whispered Lies Of Angels" and "At History’s End," they raised the bar with their trademark combination of driving speed, ferocious vocals, poignant melodic breaks, and pitiless breakdowns, elevating the precision of their songwriting to the level of classical music.

At the same time, Undying infused their compositions with an explosive cocktail of poetry and politics, forging an ethos that helped inspire a generation of activists.

When Undying broke up in 2006, members went on to play in Go Deep, Gut Feeling, Sect, and the reunited Catharsis. At the end of 2022, they reunited with their original vocalist to play a benefit for the family of a deceased friend.