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New York City’s TOWER have been called many things, which is bound to happen when you stand apart from the crowd. Spearheading the NWOTHM movement in their hometown, one could even say they’re trailblazers. Their sophomore release “Shock To The System” via Cruz Del Sur Music shook the metal scene upon its release in November 2021. Drawing from influences such as Judas Priest, Scorpions, and a gluttonous diet of 20th-century rock and metal, the band cooks up their own mix of melodic, speedy riffs, and the already-legendary vocals of Sarabeth Linden. Having tasted the success of festivals such as Stormbringer, Hell in the Harbor, Hell’s Heroes and Germany’s own Metal Assault, TOWER are primed & ready to take on their first proper European tour.
As always, Stay Tuned and PLAY IT LOUD!

“A powerful combination of catchy earworms, killer vocal lines, and riff after goddamn riff.” -Invisible Oranges

“Tower is a band who not only deserves your attention, but demands it. Their riffs and hooks don’t come off as NWOBHM worship, but rather go toe to toe with the finest bands of that legendary era.” -Defenders of the Faith

“It’s not just the band’s excellent performance, nor the brilliant songs, or the warm production, neither the catchy guitars nor the choruses that stick to your mind…it’s all the above together and each of one separately that makes Tower’s “Shock to the System” one of the strongest albums of 2021.” -Metal Invader