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Terzij de Horde stands as a beacon of boundary-pushing black metal and hardcore intensity. Since their inception in 2009 the band has consistently built their reputation on a combination of complex, furious and dynamic songs and raging, emotional live shows.
Where other black metal bands keep audiences at a cold distance, Terzij de Horde forcefully pulls them close. The band’s music is unquestionably black metal - but their energy and attitude is closer to grind, hardcore punk and the extreme edges of screamo. Their performances are marked by an intensity that is both palpable and infectious, inviting the audience into a shared space of catharsis and reflection.

Terzij de Horde is primarily about raw visceral energy and a whirlwind of contrasting emotions - from grief to rage to hope. But the band’s lyrical focus combines this intensity and fire with deep reflections on the nature of life in a destructive and unequal world and time. The band members bring their backgrounds and experience in academia, education and activism to these reflections. Eschewing the simplistic romanticism of mainstream black metal, Terzij de Horde instead takes a stand in the chaotic heart of society, and challenges listeners to engage with its work on multiple levels. The band is outspoken in its activism and works to break the spell of cowardly reactionary politics that plagues so much of metal.

Musically, Terzij de Horde combines complex black metal compositions with doom metal, post metal and screamo elements, to create music that is closer to a raging fire than black metal’s usual coldness. The band draws energy and inspiration from the most progressive black metal (anything from Yellow Eyes and Krallice to Emperor), but also from the height of hardcore punk intensity (Integrity, Frail Body, Birds in Row) and wide-ranging influences such as Neurosis and Ulcerate.
As covered in scene reports by Invisible Oranges and Vice, Terzij de Horde has been a vital part of building the Utrecht black metal scene to make it a global force in experimental and progressive black metal, alongside bands like Laster, Verwoed and Grey Aura.