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Spectral Wound play black metal, unadulterated and unadorned. Against the grain of both atmospheric and militaristic strands of the genre, Spectral Wound carves a space beyond the fetish of nature or the puerile romance of power. Without God, without Satan, without Odin, without nation, without transcendence, without essence. Spectral Wound channels the horrors of the flesh and the violence of the spirit, deformed under the weight of history, poised on the brink of a whirling void.

[Jonah Campbell, Patrick McDowall, Illusory, Sean Zumbusch, Samuel Arseneau-Roy]
Spectral Wound formed in 2014 in Montreal, Québec, as a vessel of self-negation and existential dread, melding the raw fury of traditional black metal with the melodic sensibilities of Finnish and Québécois BM. After the departure of lead guitarist Mike Kirkenbranssar following 2015’s Terra Nullius, Spectral Wound expanded their lineup with the addition of guitarists Patrick McDowall and Sean Zumbusch, developing and refining the band’s sound on the monumental Infernal Decadence (2018). With the recruitment of Samuel Arseneau-Roy on bass in 2019, the band went on to release A Diabolic Thirst in 2021, a further distillation of the ferocity and towering, exultant melancholy that is Spectral Wound.