Black Metal

Indisciplinarian / Vendetta


From the birth of Solbrud in 2009, the aim has been to forge melodic and evocative compositions in a raw, storm-like expression; a sound generally achieved by coupling unrelenting drumming with chord and harmony based guitar riffs through an array of effects, creating an intense and atmospheric soundscape – or in fewer words: Black metal.

The debut ‘Solbrud’ was released in 2012, and in 2014 ‘Jærtegn’ followed. Both albums and the quartet’s emotional and intense live performances have since then consolidated Solbrud as a band with a special, artistic vision unfolding in non-compromising and boundary pushing black metal.

Solbrud’s new album ‘Vemod’ draws from the longing, melodic approach, that signifies the debut album, along with the infernal drive and complexity of the sequel. On ‘Vemod’, Solbrud has cultivated their unique approach to songwriting even further and added new elements in both composition and instrumentation. The focus on melody is emphasized and the listener encounters a band which through working with complex arrangements simultaneously challenges and pays respect to the proud traditions of the genre.

As the previous album ‘Jærtegn’, ‘Vemod’ is recorded with producer Lasse Ballade (Slægt, Orm, Halshug) in his Ballade Studios in Copenhagen, this time during a freezing January 2017. In addition, the legendary Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Morbid Angel, Rainbow) has overseen the mastering in Sweet Silence North, where the album received an old school tape mastering, which only enhances the band’s analogue and organic sound.


Europe (Scandinavia excluded)