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Firebrand epic doomsters Smoulder have been shockingly busy since releasing The Sword Woman. After forming in 2013 as a duo helmed by Sarah Ann and S. Vincent, the band recorded their years-in-the-making demo. Picked up for release by Hoove Child Records, the three-track demo immediately sold out its 150 run, prompting a 300 run of vinyl.
After cementing their lineup – which includes guitarist Collin Wolf, drummer Kevin Hester and bassist Adam Blake – the band was invited to perform at the Hammer of Doom festival in Würzburg, Germany for their fourth ever live performance. It was at the festival the band was approached by Cruz Del Sur label head Enrico Leccese, who cemented their partnership for the release of their first full-length, Times Of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring.

Exceptionally well received, the record prompted glowing reviews and festival invites worldwide. It appeared on numerous best of 2019 album courtesy of Metal Hammer, Decibel, MetalSucks, and more. The vinyl, CD and cassette run all quickly sold out, prompting five represses.

With their eyes firmly fixed on the future, Smoulder released their follow-up EP Dream Quest Ends via Cruz del Sur on March 13, 2020. The original 1000 run of vinyl sold out months before release and the label announced an additional 500 press. Featuring two originals , including “Dream Quest Ends” and “Warrior Witch of Hel” alongside a
stirring cover of Manilla Road’s “Cage of Mirrors”, the EP received rave reviews. Scheduled to coincide with numerous gigs in Greece, Germany, Canada and the USA, the band’s tour was sidelined by the pandemic. Instead, they set to work on their sophomore album. Ten tracks are now complete; it will be recorded in Helsinki (Where the band is now based) in July 2022. With cover art again provided by world renowned fantasy painter Michael Whelan and narration by world renowned fantasy author Michael Moorcock (who has similarly worked with Blue Öyster Cult and Hawkwind), SMOULDER aim to regain the momentum earned from their debut and spend 2023 dominating the live arena.

With swords raised to the sky, Smoulder marches into battle!


Europe and The United Kingdom




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