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Polymoon is a rock band from Tampere, Finland where it was formed in the autumn of 2018. Polymoon’s unique sound draws from various influences, including psychedelic rock, progressive rock and shoegaze. Polymoon released its critically acclaimed debut album, Caterpillars of Creation, via Svart Records in the autumn of 2020. After playing various venues supporting the album release, Polymoon signed with Berlin-based Robotor Records in 2021.

Since its formation, Polymoon has aimed to lift the listener to a higher level of existence through the aural combination of euphoria and melancholia. On their debut album, Polymoon strived to lure their listeners towards them, to join them behind their secretive veil.

But Polymoon is this formless entity no more. On their second album the clandestine curtains have been opened: embrace the second phase of Polymoon’s metamorphosis where everything is exposed and nothing is hidden anymore. The chrysalis is opening and the newly-formed wings are slowly unfolding. Old conventions have been blown to pieces and the shell is cracking. The rays of light are shining through more brightly than ever before. Be prepared to dance.

Polymoon’s second musical manifestation, Chrysalis, have been released through Robotor Records on the 17th of February, 2023.