Post Black Metal

Season of Mist


The pain of life’s journey does not relent. It beats against the soul’s shores until the spirit is eroded. The child dies smiling, in the bliss of eternal unknowing. Comfort is found in the abyss. The destination seems bleak, ingrained deep within us. In its depths, we find what we have known all along: ‘Home’.

After the release of their 2-song demo in 2014, Canadian black metal band Numenorean quickly sealed a recording deal with highly esteemed record label Season of Mist. Soon after, the band came to release their debut album ‘Home’, which came with some critical acclaimed, yet polarizing views due to the graphic nature of the albums cover. This did not stop them from quickly landing international tours throughout Canada, USA and Australia playing with names such as Deafheaven, Blasphemy, Ghost Bath and Batushka. In 2019, Numenorean hit the road again for another tour throughout North America and Europe following the release of their sophomore album, Adore (April 12th, 2009).