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Norna: Swedish singular for Norns. Female beeings who rule the destiny of gods, godesess and men. Residing by the base of Yggdrasil weaveing with the roots to create destiny and fate.

Norna is a new band with members from Switzerland and Sweden with Tomas Liljedahl (ex Breach, The Old wind), Christophe Macquat (Olten) and Marc Theurillat (Olten). Chris wanted to create a new project in parallel to his band Olten and with a specific singer in mind: Tomas Liljedahl.

Fans of post-hardcore who are of a certain age seem to be highly attuned when it comes to keeping tabs on their favourite musicians from the ‘90s and ‘00s. The merest whiff of a new project or a reunion is cause enough to dig out the 7” collection and start reminiscing. So to hear the unmistakable howl of Tomas Liljedahl is always a delight – but don’t be fooled into thinking that Norna is a band relying on nostalgia. Yes, those vocals are unmistakably acerbic but Norna’s overall sound is one that is shot through with the kind of nihilistic vigour that can only be conjured up by those that really mean it; there’s no phoning it in here. With Christophe Macquat and Marc Theurillat on board, Norna are a formidable force.

Early this year they released Star is way way is Eye, a six track album that sets out their wares with deliberate intention. Across its 40+ minute runtime, the sheer heft of the songs are capable of suffocating, crushing, and turning out a slightly altered human at the other end of it.