United Kingdom (UK)

Post Punk / Dark Rock

Season of Mist


NAUT are a 4 piece dark rock band based in Bristol, UK whose shared love of classic rock and metal, alongside reverence for the post-punk pioneers of the late 70s and 80s makes itself known from the start.

Triumphant synths and scything guitars entwine with danceable beats while driving bass-lines moving to pounding drums create a dynamic, shifting rhythm section. The tracks pulse with a raw post-punk energy but always remain danceable and (perhaps most dangerously) catchy.

The lyrics touch on mental paralysis, impending doom and divided peoples and although written in what seems like a different time, they have become more relevant than ever in today’s strange world.

With the release of Raise the Lights in 2018 NAUT gained the attention of fans from across the spectrum of dark music. The follow-up Semele EP in 2019 built on that success and word spread further around the scene. In that time, they shared the stage with bands as diverse as their fan base, from King Dude to Discharge and Pink Turns Blue to Orange Goblin and they have continued to win fans on stage and off.

In 2020 NAUT released a pair of new songs, Threads / Hand in Hand. These tracks build on the experimentation of the Semele EP whilst calling on elements from Raise the Lights to create a tantalising mix of the two. The songs were once again recorded with Jamie Elton (Moss, Amulet, Spite) at Ben Capp Studios in Bristol, with mastering handled by Orgone Studios (Ulver, Grave Pleasures, Ghost).

NAUT’s music is based on a desire for it to sound natural, yet larger than life, whether influenced by the bass lines of Motörhead, the songwriting structure of The Doors through to The Sisters of Mercy, Blue Oyster Cult and Thin Lizzy. All this leaves NAUT musically standing apart from contemporary post-punk revival bands, adding something else to the cauldron and drawing on the energy of the past, bringing it back to where it should be, here.