Melodic Death Metal

NoiseArt Records


Like frozen giants breaking out of their year-long slumber, the veterans of dark melodic metal MERCENARY are once again rising from the depth of Danish soil, awakening from their dormancy to praise the cold of the winter anew with their hard hitting metal hymns and unique blend of Scandinavian melancholy, melody and aggression.

Over the past two decades Mercenary has been a relentless titan of the Danish metal scene and their albums have been highly acclaimed by fans and media. The characteristic mix of huge, epic melodies and aggression has brought them appearances on some of the biggest festival stages as well as headliner tours in Europe and Japan and support slots for bands such as MEGADETH, ARCH ENEMY, NEVERMORE, KING DIAMOND, SYMPHONY X and DARK TRANQUILITY. The unusual mixture of elements from many genres within metal is the band’s biggest asset: an organic diversity of soaring leads, crushing multi layered vocals and hard hitting hymns bound together by tight songwriting and the ability to stand up to any sort of audience and make them lifetime followers.

Nowadays it is commonplace for metal bands to have equal amounts of aggressive vocals and clean singing, but when Mercenary burst into the European metal stage in the beginning on the new millennium and gained widespread recognition and high acclaim for the album “11 Dreams” and the following releases, the range of the vocals and the carefully crafted layers of harmonies on top of aggressive shouts and growls were nothing short of ground-breaking – and still stands out today. In MERCENARY’s modern incarnation, following several phases of metamorphosis and reinvention, the easily recognizable sound and signature vocal layers are retained but are now being handled solely by the uniquely talented René Pedersen, whose extensive range, bellowing shouts and melodic flair embodies the legacy of the band and reinterprets it with each new release.

Mercenary’s latest album »Through Our Darkest Days« combined their signature strengths with a fresh sound and the grand melancholy and soaring clean vocals of past albums. After dropping their first new single in 2020 which displayed a darker, harder and more aggressive sound, Mercenary returns in 2022 with a second single and a revitalized sound to fit the end times unfolding around us.