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Italy-based electronic metal maven Master Boot Record, helmed by technologist/songwriter Vittorio D’amore, is, if anything, creatively prolific. After emerging – as an 8-bit ghost – from the crack and bulletin board system (BBS) scene in 2016 has been storming the stages of Europe with a live and retro-visual set with MBR at guitar and computers along with shredding guitar hero Edoardo Taddei and the heavy machine drummer Giulio Galati.

“After 3 years of waiting we are finally ready to unleash all our processing power to spread the code across Europe and UK. A full line up geared up with guitars, drums, tons of CRT monitor, personal computers and real hardware ready to unleash a new extended set of shredding chiptune and synthesized heavy metal. Don’t forget to bring at least 4MB of ram to run Doom and be ready for a live firmware update. We’ll bring the floppy disks. You have been warned. Spread the code.”