Hardcore / Punk



Swedish mangel veterans MASSGRAV have been dishing out rock n’ roll infused hyperspeed hardcore for the last 25 years, making them a loved, respected and yes, sometimes feared, part of the international hardcore punk scene. Maturing like French cheese – but smelling much better – Massgrav have consistently kept cranking their take on pissed off but melodic chaos yet another turn towards the max.
Leaving a trail of crippled former drummers behind them, MASSGRAV have blessed mesmerized audiences all across the globe with their breakneck-speed anger management turned music. Providing a 24 carat live show satisfaction guarantee, Massgrav offers a free head exam to anyone who can resist their on stage charms. Just bring your own hammer.
In 2022, MASSGRAV return, stronger than ever, with the new album SLOWLY WE ROCK – the first album to feature guitarist Jesper Liveröd (ex Burst and Nasum) for a twin guitar attack. Continuing in the much beloved MASSGRAV formula, but adding extra everything, this album provides faster fastness, more rabid aggression, catchier melodies and hotter rock and roll than anything previously experienced by mankind.

Photo credit: Urban Skytt


Europe & The United Kingdom