Lord Mantis

United States of America (USA)

Black Metal / Sludge

Profound Lore

Lord Mantis

Standing amidst of yet apart from the hipster charm at the six points of Chicago’s Wicker Park emerges a beast of rebellion and fury. Lord Mantis emit spells of hellish frequencies from a center of hatred in themselves both honest in integrity and justified in pursuit.

Lord Mantis consists of Bill Bumgardner on drums (also in Indian), Andrew Markuszewski (also in Avichi, Nachtmystium), Charlie Fell on bass/lead vocals (also in Avichi, Nachtmystium) and Greg Gomer on guitar.

Amid the collapse of the world, individual despair, and the ever broadening increase of human madness and depravity, Lord Mantis is setting the stage for the apocalypse with ever greater force and willpower. Prepare for a gruesome yet epic sound with the release of their first full-length with Candlelight Records in 2011.