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Few artists in recent memory have swept through the dark underground with the excited fervour that Lamp of Murmuur has achieved since first appearing with a string of demos in 2019.

Despite the project’s quick rise to renown, little is known about the band except that the project hails from Los Angeles, CA, and is led by an enigmatic man known as M.
There is no shortage of raw black metal projects around the world but the way that M. approaches the genre sets Lamp of Murmuur on a different path than many of its contemporaries. With two albums already under his belt (and a third one set to be released early in 2023) M.’s explorations in black metal stray enough to keep his approach fresh and mysterious, without compromising the extreme core of the project. Starting as a fairly orthodox one-man endeavor, it was soon apparent that behind the ghastly mist of rabid riffs and ominous synths there was a far more complex and enigmatic beast dancing behind a veil of shadows.

After the gothic explorations in “Heir of Ecliptical Romanticism” (2020) and “Submission and Slavery” (2021), the project seeks to redefine itself once again with “Saturnian Bloodstorm”. Lamp Of Murmuur’s new album is a statement of might and power, destroying all preconceptions the project had made in the past, while also serving to cement its position as a driving force in modern-day underground metal.