United States of America (USA)
hardcore punk
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Integrity has been unleashing chaotic, challenging, passionate, heavy music since the year 1988.

Biblically unhinged sermons juxtaposed with raw metallic riffs, high energy, brutal and ferocious metallic hardcore mixed with soul-melting lead guitar solos, manic paced religious revivals that emerge into glorious epic resolve and graveled vocals. Vampyric beginnings allow the cross an indescribable burden to bear. Decades of contempt and vitriol have allowed this undying project the ability to reinvent, defy expectation, evolve, challenge, and destroy the confining boundaries of genre imprisoned music. Revelatory rites create a blood bond with our congregation. Undying resolve for the unknown spiritual nature of death. The purgatory of what once was melds with the fluid future of eternity. When doubt envelops your path an unlikely awakening startles reality back into its place. Annihilation evolves the human race into its inhuman state where we bare our teeth as we bare our souls. Unsettling landscapes of nightmarish terror. The crack within the column of life. Devastations royalty governs over our salvation. Testify! – Dwid Hellion.

The majority of the Integrity catalog is available from Relapse Records.