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Since the release of their debut album “Dawn of Possession” in 1991, Immolation has been a driving force in the extreme metal scene that they helped define. After dozens of iconic studio albums, the cataclysmic tremor that is Immolation approaches to unleash its latest, immense creation: ‘Acts of God’. Due to be released on the 18th of February, 2022, this 11th studio album serves as the next chapter of Immolation’s Death Metal epic. With 5 long years passed since the most recent studio album, ‘Atonement, ‘Acts of God’ vigorously showcases Immolation’s ability to consistently create fascinating sounds, while still keeping their feet firmly rooted in the old school, New York Death Metal for which they are renowned!

Emblazoned with a haunting new masterpiece by artist Eliran Kantor, ‘Acts of God’ displays a trifecta of angelic beings desperately trying to prevent one another’s flesh from melting in a blackened light from above. The muted colours and ethereal images will ring familiar to fans of Immolation’s previous album covers. “We wanted this cover to feel much darker; more melancholy and hopeless. The music has always been very dark, and a lot of Kantor’s work had the feeling that we were going for; the semi-surreal colliding with a classic, almost renaissance feel,” explains founder and vocalist/bassist Ross Dolan. “It’s unnerving. It really reflects the music perfectly,” agrees founder and guitarist Robert Vigna.

Firmly aligned with Nuclear Blast Records, the often coveted sound of Immolation has reemerged from the depths of a cursed and cruel world to illuminate our minds and ears with exquisite, sonic destruction.

Ross Dolan | Bass, Vocals
Robert Vigna | Guitar
Steve Shalaty | Drums
Alex Bouks | Guitar