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HULDER (led by the self-same artist) was born in 2018 within the dense landscape of the American Pacific Northwest. She quickly offered forth a series of demos, EPs, singles, and utilized her fixation on medieval lore as inspiration for the acclaimed 2021 debut LP Godslastering: Hymns Of A Forlorn Peasantry. A pivotal 2022 saw HULDER release The Eternal Fanfare, a five-song mini-album, marking a new phase in the project’s rapid development and garnered interest from various metal publications, domestically and abroad. Further to HULDER’s auditory ascendency, the band set the live stage ablaze, touring widely in North America throughout the year and into 2023, which brought them to European shores for the first time as well. Spurred on by these noble victories, the ground was prepared for the band to take on the headlining slot of the 2024 Decibel Magazine Tour and announce a brand new offering of darkness.

The hauntingly grandiose new HULDER album Verses In Oath, due February 9th, 2024, constitutes the most majestic, untamed manifestation thus far in the band’s journey of conquest, as new territory is put to flame and conquered by sword and shield.The ancient sorrow-filled melancholy and seething spirit that are the essence of “Hearken The End” permeate the entire album, by now a fundamental detail in HULDER’s identity where roots run deep in long forgotten soil. And whilst the slashing cruelty and torn flesh of “Vessel Of Suffering” and “Enchanted Steel” embrace a predatory barbarism, it is the joining of all those elements that places Verses In Oath in the timeless pantheon of black metal’s most strident lineage.While black metal has evolved into myriad offshoots and subgenres to the point of incomprehension, HULDER is resolutely steeped in the genre’s destructive preeminence, rituals, and traditions, carrying the torch of its origins and heritage. The result is both unsparingly savage and wistfully evocative; black blood on white snow.