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Combining the emotional and atmospheric elements of Black Metal with progressive rhythm-laden modern Metal structures and the beauty of Post Rock and Shoegaze, HERETOIR is a nostalgic, melancholic and soothing soundtrack in a mad world. Founded (in Augsburg/Germany) by David C. in 2006, Heretoir conceptually and lyrically deals with existence, self-reflection, fears and dreams – life in all its facets.
It is a musical universe set for the discovery of one’s deepest thoughts and the soul that rests in each of us.

After a first demo and EP (“Existenz” (2008) & “.Existenz.” (2009)), multiple compilation contributions and a split release with the band “Thränenkind” (“Wiedersehen – unsere Hoffnung”, 2010) Heretoir released their eponymous debut album “Heretoir” on February 25th, 2011 through Northern Silence Productions.
Melodizing the topic of loss, “Heretoir” was very well received by fans and press around the world, not least because of the powerful and atmospheric cover artwork of exceptional French artists Fursy Teyssier (Les Discrets) and Metastazis (artworks for Alcest, Anathema, Enthroned, As I lay dying, Gorgoroth and many more).
With the release of the debut album Matthias S. (bass), Max F. (guitar) and Emanuel D. (drums) joined the line-up and Heretoir evolved into a full band. It didn’t take long for the band to share stages with acts like Agalloch, Alcest, Eluveitie, Graveworm, Sólstafir or Secrets of the Moon.

In parallel with the progression of the live shows, the EP re-recording/compilation “Substanz” was released on August 24th, 2012.
After several european tours with Agrypnie, Der Weg einer Freiheit and Dornenreich and one
tour through England with Dawn Ray’d, as well as performances at the Summerbreeze Open
Air, the Ragnarök Festival, and support shows for renowned post-rockers God is an Astronaut and melancholic masters Katatonia, Heretoir was able to build up a reputation in the atmospheric metal scene.

In 2016 Emanuel D. left the band and Nils G. became the new drummer.
The current line-up was completed by Kevin Storm, who joined the band in 2020.

Following more than 5 years of intense touring, the much-anticipated second album “The Circle” was released in March 2017.
“The Circle” deals with the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Weaving crushing heaviness and atmospheric melodies, the album portrays an emotional journey – a life dedicated to self reflection
and freedom. Besides another very special cover art by Fursy Teyssier the album furthermore features guest vocals by Alcest mastermind Stéphane “Neige” Paut and mastering by the renowned sound engineer Lasse Lammert.
“The Circle” received incredible worldwide feedback by press and fans alike.

Heretoir embarked on an extensive European tour in Spring 2017 together with the US Black Metal band Ghost Bath, visiting more than 15 countries in 5 weeks.
More festival appearances and a tour with Finnish Melodic Death Metal masters Kalmah followed and in 2018 the band toured China for two weeks.

During the last years/pandemic the band worked hard and focussed on writing new material. In November 2022 Heretoir signed a record deal with the renowned German label AOP Records.

2023 marks an important year for Heretoir:
On 10th February 2023 the remastered version of the debut album “Heretoir“ with bonus tracks was released by AOP Records. Only 3 months later the band released their new mini-album “Wastelands” on 19th May 2023 – their first new material in 6 years – with great worldwide reception.

But Heretoir is not done with releases for this year: A new album will see the light of day in autumn 2023.
All while new songs for a future release are already written and recorded.
Heretoir are more determined than ever to enter the stages of the world with full force!