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Health is an industrial and noise rock band consisting of three members, including Benjamin Jared Miller, Jake Duzsik, and John Famiglietti. All are from different cities, such as Seattle, San Diego, and their current home base, Los Angeles. Former member Jupiter Keyes left the band in 2015 following the release of their third album, Death Magic.

Health first gained a reputation through a remix of their song “Crimewave” by experimental electronic band Crystal Castles in August 2007. The rendition helped broaden Health’s audience in anticipation of their full-length debut a month later, released under Lovepump United. The band’s self-titled album was recorded in L.A.’s noise/experimental venue, The Smell. Known for its DIY mystique, Health knew how difficult, yet rewarding, it would be to record in the space. Famiglietti said in an interview, “The room completely changes the tone of anything you want to record; it makes a lot of things dark and beautiful. It also makes everything sound like ‘CLANG!’ We didn’t realize how hard it would be at all, we especially weren’t prepared for the Vaquero bar dropping the reggaeton jamz at 1pm every day.”

Their unique sound on the album caught the attention of Spin in which wrote, “The near-innocuous opening track of Health’s self-titled album, ‘Heaven,’ segues into the 36-second neurotic dissonance of ‘Girl Attorney,’ which picks up the tempo on its transition into ‘Triceratops’—a thrashing scourge of screeches, feedback, and gratuitous clanging reminiscent of Liars laced with a relief of a Deerhunter meditation.”