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In the past decade, HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY have become pioneers of the post black metal movement, gained a significant worldwide following with “III: Trauma” and even entered the German charts on #4 with their latest album “Maere”.

Mӕre – a malicious folk entity that creeps up on sleeping people’s chests during the night and instils breathlessness and anxiety. It is this state of diffused terror and paralysis that has been enshrined in HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY’s music ever since their 2012 debut album. January 2021 will see more tales from their feverish dreams ready to break out into the light of day.

With M.S.‘s captivating guitar melodies and J.J.‘s lyrics, ridden with trauma, delirium and loss, their unique mixture of black metal and post rock creates an inescapable maelstrom of shattering screams and sudden acoustic guitar interludes.

As pioneers of the “post“ movement, the Austrians have, ever since their conception in 2011, drawn fans and critics deeper and deeper into the depths of their melancholy, self-hate and anger.

Their previous release “Arson” reached #29 in the German and #62 in the Austrian charts. “Mӕre” will be graced with several friends of the band who have entered into the intoxicated world of HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY to guest on the album; Alcest’s frontman Neige brings a haunting flair to ‘Sing For The Damage We’ve Done’, the anonymous voice of Gaerea joins in on ‘Silver Needle // Golden Dawn’, and, as session drummer, the duo one again commit to none other than Kerim “Krimh“ Lechner (Septicflesh, live-Behemoth). However, an act of HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY’s stature no longer needs to rely on namedropping to be noticed.

“Mӕre“ was recorded during the spring quarantine of 2020, which may well have been the cause of the feeling of abandonment that permeates the ten songs. Self-loathing with numbing restlessness will still echo through your bones long after the last note of the Placebo cover ‘Song To Say Goodbye‘ has resonated. Recorded and produced by M.S. and mixed with the help of Daniel Fellner, this fifth oeuvre is another milestone in the history of the duo who will celebrate their 10th.