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After almost 10 years of total silence, Norwegian prog/avantgarde metal act Green Carnation announced their comeback to the international metal scene for the 15th anniversary of their cult classic Light of Day, Day of Darkness in 2016.

And after a very successful comeback year with festival appearances and special shows both in Europe and North America, the band has now released news that they are composing new material and that they will be doing shows in the period until next album release.

Green Carnation from Kristiansand, Norway, was founded as early as 1990, but after founding member Tchort joined legends-to-be Emperor, for their Darkside Eclipse album, and continued in Satyricon and Einherjer, the band was shut down until their debut album, A Journey To The End Of The Night in 2000. Big parts of the line up was changed until the bands epic Light of Day, Day of Darkness was released in 2001, and the band changed in amore rock’ish direction with A Blessing in Disguise (2003) and The Quiet Offspring (2005), before the stripped down Acoustic Verses came in 2006. The band is also known for having released on of the more spectacular concert DVDs, recorded in the mountains in Norway, under a 30 meters high water dam, and with audience from all over the world. A Night Under The Dam was also released in 2006.

In 2019 the band went into DUB Studios, to record their first album since the comeback, and soon announced a five album deal with French label Season of Mist.

The new album, “Leaves of Yesteryear” was released on May 8th 2020.