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When the video for ’T-shirt van Metallica’ got released in January ’16, Fleddy Melculy had no idea what kind of madness would unleash. In half a year this illustrious company became one of the most popular Belgian metal acts of the last decade. After all, there aren’t many bands that got picked up from day 1 by all possible media with only one song, who play all major venues in Belgium and the Netherlands, got signed by a major label (Sonymusic) and scored one cult hit after another.
In september ’16 debutalbum ‘Helgië’ rumbles at number 2 in the national charts. 4 charthits (T-shirt van Metallica, Feestje in uw huisje, Pinker, Geen vlees wel vis), a bunch of crazy videos and some serious online buzz follow.

In February ’18 a 2nd album ‘De Kerk van Melculy’ follows and enters number 1 in the national charts. Songs such as ‘Varken’, ‘668’, ‘Moeidunidotcom’ and ‘Ik ben kwaad’ are all becoming hits on Belgian alternative radio and by the summer of ’18 Fleddy Melculy may call themselves the best-selling metal act in Belgium.
Fleddy Melculy has appeared on almost every notable stage in the Benelux and at summer festivals, such as 2 times at Graspop, 2 at Pukkelpop, 2 on Zwarte Cross, Paaspop, Groezrock and so much more … 1 of the absolute highlights being the support of Guns’ n Roses at Werchter Classic in 2017.

At the end of ’18, they also released a live CD entitled ‘live @ Graspop Metal Meeting’, a nice souvenir of one of the craziest shows that the band did so far.

Have you already heard of Fleddypalooza? What started in the Brussels music temple ‘AB’ as its own festival, is now a household name with already 4 editions in Belgium and the Netherlands. The ultimate opportunity for the band to give metal and hardcore bands a (bigger) stage.

Jeroen Camerlynck, frontman and Fleddy himself has also become a familiar face at Belgian’s number 1 alternative national radiostation Studio Brussel where he got his own section in the morning show in 2019 (Fleddy gets angry) and where he presented De Zwaarste Lijst (a top 66 of the heaviest records).

In march 2020 the band released a 3rd full-length album called ‘Sabbath Fleddy Sabbath’. The record was released on March 13, the day Belgium went into lockdown due to the Corona pandemic. The band unwittingly became the first band to do a live stream concert during the lockdown in Belgium (or maybe even the world). Again the album enters 2nd place on the national charts.

When their first album was more an introduction to the world, their 2nd album would prove beyond any doubt that the band was here to stay. But this 3rd record mainly proves why Fleddy Melculy has become so popular on such short notice. Vintage hardcore with a lot of
metal ingrediënts to scream your lungs out of your body with every song. The reviews in the press didn’t lie.

The Corona pandemic threw a lot of reorganization and frustration in the band and no fewer than 66 performances had to be moved to 2021. But the band had some new stuff up its sleeve and was ready to hit the road whenever the world turns back to normal. The EP ‘…And just niks for all’ was released in September ’21. In ’21 the band played Alcatraz, Werchter Parklife and 15 crazy club shows.

Fleddy Melculy is back and has only just warmed up after 6 years.