Doom Rock

Riding Easy Records


Fire is what happens when a carbon based object is consumed by oxygen. That chemical reaction is fitting to the sound of Firebreather: The riffs are suffocating, the rhythms fast moving and all-consuming. It’s so blindingly and deafeningly monolithic, don’t be surprised to find yourself gasping for air while listening.

There’s no escaping the fact that Sweden is an incomparable breeding ground for some of the heaviest and most crushing metal bands. One such band is Gothenburg trio Firebreather.

Relatively new to the fold having formed in the spring of 2016, Firebreather is a devastatingly weighty statement of intent. Tooth shattering riffs from guitarist/vocalist Mattias Nööjd and crunching rhythms via bassist Nicklas Hellqvist and drummer Axel Wittbeck, Firebreather is a jaw-breaking triptych of sludge and doom rock.

Their self titled debut album was released on Suicide Records in October, 2017 and the band has since then signed with Riding Easy Records in L.A.

The follow up ”Under A Blood Moon” was released in September 2019.