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Executioner’s Mask

Executioner’s Mask is the darkwave brainchild of three unlikely suspects: Jay Gambit of noise metal unit Crowhurst on vocals, Ryan Wilson from Intestinal Disgorge on synth and drum programming, and LACE and Cop Warmth’s Craig Mickle also on guitar. The trio added Jesse Jargon to their live lineup on drum duties in addition to Joshua Bosarge on bass and Jim Reed on second guitar. With Gambit’s deep, velvety vocals front and center, the driving rhythm section provides the perfect backdrop for the moody and melancholic guitars.

Offering a modern take on the classic blueprints set by Pornography -era The Cure, The Sisters Of Mercy and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Executioner’s Mask arrived at the darkest of times with its most haunting offering yet: the 11-song collection titled Despair Anthems , released July 17th on Profound Lore and accompanied by a remixed companion disc that featured some of the most iconic names in the new dark underground.