United States of America (USA)

Thrash Metal / Crossover / Hardcore Punk

Southern Lord Recordings


Having their 1984 formation, Excel has released three studio albums, three split albums, five demos, three singles and two live albums. Equally influenced by punk rock and heavy metal in both attitude and delivery, the band’s rabid musical approach and intelligent lyrics set them apart as a genre-defining act of the era.

“When most people think of metallic hardcore from Venice Beach, California, they tend to think of Suicidal Tendencies, or one of their many off-shoot bands like No Mercy and they’re all great bands, make no mistake, the undisputed kings of Venice Crossover were Excel. Mixing street cool with youthful energy, and old school American Hardcore with frantic speed metal, into a supremely tight whole, Excel knocked the scene sideways with their “Split Image” debut , released on Suicidal Records in 1987, and the 1989 follow-up, “The Joke’s On You’ (this time on Caroline), was even slicker, a superb fusion of punk and thrash that saw the band’’s reputation spreading around the world”

– Ian Glasper – Terrorizer Magazine 02/2017

The current Excel lineup is:
Dan Clements on vocals
Shaun Ross on bass
Mike Cosgrove on drums
Alex Barreto on guitar.