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Time marches on, but the sound originated by four blokes from Stoke-upon-Blighty continues to inspire legions of pissed-off punks eager to get high on noise and distortion. Hell, it might even turn into fashion… Yes, I can see her now, an anorectic coke-head ambling down the catwalk in a torn and frayed Discharge-shirt. OK, perhaps not. Instead, let’s have a look at Sweden, famous for its Dis-scene. But the Swedish sound is faster, rawer, harder and decidedly heavier than the original version. The Swedes are no replicas, they hold their own. Disfear got started in 1989 as Anti-Bofors and became a household name when the Tomas Skogsberg-produced “A Brutal Sight Of War” received rave reviews. Since then, Disfear has released three albums and toured – if not the world – at least great parts of Europé, appearing at countless hedonistic rock festivals where drunk people wear funny hats. In 2006 Disfear conquered new territory, when a long awaited tour of USA and Canada finally came about. The new album “Live The Storm” was also recorded over there with Kurt Ballou (Converge) handling the oh so important knob twiddling. And a great sound it is, dense, dark, yet multi-dimensional… During all these years of hardcore-soldiering the backbone of Disfear has remained Henrik Frykman (RIP) and Björn Pettersson. The current line-up also includes drummer Marcus Andersson (breastfed on d-beat), bass maestro Andreas Axelsson, vocalist extraordinaire Tomas Lindberg and guitarist Uffe Cederlund. The latter two need no extra introduction, because what person in his right mind has never heard of At The Gates and Entombed? Needless to say, this is the best version of Disfear ever and a spectacular event live! And remember, “Live The Storm” is no different from the hurricanes laying waste to civilisation. Just bow your head and accept it!