United States of America (USA)
Thrash Metal
Century Media Records

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Cutting their teeth on the Thrash, Death and Hardcore scene of the mid to late 1980’s, Demolition Hammer was diligently carving out a niche in the void between the genres. Honing their violent skills to perfection culminated in the form of two of the most punishing demos of the era, 1988’s “Skull Fracturing Nightmare” and 1989’s “Necrology”, solidifying them as a legitimate contenders. A burgeoning Century Media Records quickly signed them to their roster and the rest, as they say is history…

Even a new decade could not be shielded from Demolition Hammers’ advance. Two legendary albums were released. 1990’s “Tortured Existence” and 1992’s “Epidemic Of Violence”, both considered instant classics of the genre. With world domination in their sights, extensive touring ensued. Brandishing a reputation for frenetic live performances, bearing witness to Demolition Hammers’ intensity could often prove detrimental to ones health. Leaving audiences exhausted, battered and bruised had become their calling card.
Of course, who could compete with a dual lead guitar tandem that are “certified riff machines”, spewing fourth angrily down picked outbursts coalescing into chunky breakdowns of mammoth proportions. Violent diatribes delivered so furiously pissed off and ruthless, you envision bloody vocal cords dangling from the microphone. Lastly, a full throttle, relentless double bass assault, mechanized by a psychotic beast of a drummer.

Rabid loyalists, old and new, have mounted a vehement campaign to witness the brutality again and again, or for the first time. No need to reference past accolades or praise from yesteryear. Demolition Hammers’ reputation precedes itself. They come well equipped with many notches on their belts, and bullets in the chamber.

Even though years passed while the amps were on standby, Demolition Hammer returned with a full armament of fist to face intensity and bludgeoning fury leaving attendees brutally traumatized by the ferocious mayhem of their legendary pits. Only one question remains…………. can you withstand the violence?