United Kingdom (UK)

Industrial / Punk / Goth

Isolation Records


Darkwave up-and-comers Deathsomnia released their debut You Will Never Find Peace in 2021

The creative synergy between Deathsomnia’s multi-instrumentalist members —Sammel and Russo, joined by Richard Powley (Telepathy)— and their individual punk, hardcore and electronica backgrounds are the source for You Will Never Find Peace’s unique dystopian punk and industrial sound and genre-bending originality. Their groovy riffs and crashing percussions draw influences from Wipers, Dead Moon, Health and Godflesh, the beguiling vocal melodies are dressed with Depeche Mode and Primal Scream undertones. 

New York based producer and collaborator, Ben Greenberg (Uniform. Black Marble, Bad Breeding, VR Sex), describes Deathsomnia’s blending of subtle industrial elements into guitar-driven songs as cyberpunk and a welcomed break from current popular darkwave aesthetic tropes


UK/Europe (excluding Baltics/Scandinavia)