Hardcore / Punk / Rock / Metal

Hummus Records


Coilguns is one of the proud flag holders of the 2.0 DIY scene since 2011. The band counts a total of four ep’s and three full lengths. Its history is deeply bound to the development of guitarist Jona Nido’s own label – Hummus Records – that gathers up to now more than seventy releases including all Coilguns discography.

Their music has always been recorded live and uncut, generally written and recorded on the spot wherever they were at the moment, sometimes on the other side of the world when touring with their former band, German prog-metallers The Ocean. Their two last efforts were 100% self-produced, engineered and mixed by the band members.
Relentlessly touring Europe since the release of their second LP Millennials, the band is known for his raw, uncompromising and euphoric live performances, mainly driven by Louis Jucker and Donatien Thiévent convulsive dances and benevolent shouts.

Coilguns’ self-sufficient riffing engine ticks like a swiss watch. Right in the middle of their Millennials tour, the band has gathered enough time and life points to craft their loudest record to date. Locked all by themselves in a studio for a month – without a single note written prior to setting up their gear – they have put together an urgent and challenging suite of unpolished bursts. Watchwinders sums up the sheer pleasure of doing things the unusual way. These 12 songs are raw as noise and messy as punk though carefully organised in a daring and flawless sequence. Excessively low-tuned guitars, gnarly synths and eccentric vocals are carried away by Luc Hess obsessive drumbeats. The whole functions as a complex and utopian mechanism of perpetual motion, an urgent and clever serie of sketches of how to merge good ideas into a fascinating mess.


Europe (excluding France & Switzerland)