Grindcore / Death Metal

War Anthem Records


“Cliteater has everything what a good grindcore band must have” Metal fan magazine”

“In the monotone world called grindcore, Cliteater stays interesting till the end” Steven Smegma / Aardschok magazine

“If You Have Ever seen Cliteater before you know this was going to be the highlight of the festival” Vampire magazine

“Best act of Party San 2007”

Just to name a few of so many quotes …

What once was started in 2001 as a side project with just a drum machine and two musicians, grew into one of the best Dutch export product in extreme deathmetal and grindcore music.

Cliteater has proven over the years not to be a one day fly, what was claimed by the critics at that time. The band has played at many venues / theaters across Europe, USA and Canada. The force behind Cliteater is the recognizable groove in their music. The band creates a unique sound between fast grindcore, deathmetal combined with rock and roll and catchy riffs. They don’t give a damn about the trends in the scene, the band blasts through everything what’s on his path. Having finally found a steady line up in 2009 they can guarantee a fat, tight and humorous show to put down. In spring 2016 their new album FROM ENSLAVEMENT TO CLITORATION was be released by War Anthem records. With this album the band went back to the real roots of grindcore! Ultra fast and short brutal straight in your face songs you can’t deny. Cliteater allready played on big festivals like Summerbreeze open air, Party San open air, Maryland Deathfest, Fuck the commerce, Obscene extreme, Deathfeast and many others. Cliteater shared stages with: Slayer, Sepultura, Fear Factory, Opeth, Morbid angel, Sodom, Napalm Death, Obituary, Kreator, Dying Fetus, Immolation, Cryptopsy, Legion of the Damned, Nasum, Immortal, Vader, Asphyx, Municipal Waste, Anal Cunt, Macabre, Extreme Noise Terror, Exhumed, Brutal Truth , Sodom, Gorefest, and many others.

Promo 2002
Clit ‘em All (2003 Dismemberment records en Bleedin Hemmeroid records)
Tribute to GUT (2003 song Sperminator, Amerikan line Productions)
Clit ‘em All (2004 re-release Restrain records)
Eat Clit Or Die (2005 Restrain Records)
Reign in Thongs (2006 No Escape records, split cd met Suppository)
OEF cd (2007 song Incarcerated, Obscene productions)
Scream Bloody Clit (2008 War Anthem Records)
Party San DVD 2008 (Death of J-lo, I killed RL, Portable gass stove)
Re-release Clit em all (2010 Sevared recs)
Re-release Eat Clit Or Die (2010 Sevared records)
The Great Southern Clitkill (2010 War Anthem Records)
For those about to eat clit, we salute you (split EP with TDEBN, 2011 War anthem records)
Cliteaten back to life (2013 War Anthem records)
From enslavement to clitoration (2016 War anthem records)

Current Members:

Ivan Cuijpers :Guitar/pitch vocals 2001
Joost Silvrants:Vocals 2002
Jordy Gerrits: Bass 2015
Marten van Kruijssen: Drums 2014