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“Boundaries be damned – Charlotte Wessels does as she pleases with delicious ease, her sheer versatility alone allowing her to flex musically, and so her albums flow from dreamy trip-pop right through (and no I am not kidding) death metal, and no matter the vibe, it simply works, and is totally authentic to boot.

Having fronted the Dutch symphonic metal act Delain from age 17 until their split in 2021, Charlotte Wessels has toured the world and many successes to her name.
Even before the bands’ split Wessels found a way to directly connect with her fans and release her music through Patreon. A new song, every month, written and recorded in her home basement ‘Six Feet Under Studio’.

The first compilation album of Patreon hits was released in 2021, followed up quickly by its follow up in 2022. Tales From Six Feet Under Vol I and II are both eclectic records full of melancholic pop and synth rock with the second being slightly heavier and at moments reminding one of the symphonic metal she made name with.

In October 2022 these albums got their live debut with the Tales From Six Feet Under – Live in Concert show, accompanied by several former Delain members in her live band. A musically and visually theatrical show that left fans asking for more. In spring 2023, the Tales From Six Feet Under Dutch Clubtour will be a fact!