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The siren song of Blackbriar continues to swell as the band moves towards 2024 at their most cinematic and seductive best. With a magnificent 2023 seeing them ensnaring a collaboration with metal juggernaut Nuclear Blast Records, releasing their second full-length A Dark Euphony, and a massively successful first stint at a headlining tour in Europe, it’s clear that the masses have been heeding the call to the alluring charm and whimsical soundscapes of Blackbriar.

Formed in 2012 by Zora Cock, René Boxem, Bart Winters, and Frank Akkerman, Blackbriar crafted their first single in 2014 with “Ready to Kill,” but it was 2015’s second single “Until Eternity” that truly propelled them into the scene. A sweeping track with an equally compelling and beautiful video, it continues to draw many to the act with over 20 million views since its debut. Taking advantage of the growing buzz surrounding the band, they independently recorded and released their first EP, Fractured Fairytales, as well as acquiring a second guitarist in Robin Koezen. This EP layed down an impressive foundation for the band’s ethereal and breathtaking sound and brought about new opportunities for the act, including tour dates in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and more, where the band played alongside Epica, Halestorm, In This Moment, Delain and MaYan.

To keep moving ahead with full control of their creative ideals, the band successfully crowdfunded their follow-up EP, We’d Rather Burn, and brought it to life in October 2018. This EP would be the first time the band worked alongside esteemed producer Joost van den Broek to arrange and produce the effort, and this fruitful collaboration allowed Blackbriar’s whimsical and enigmatic sound to reach new sonic heights. Released the same day as their self-made video for “I’d Rather Burn,” this EP showcased a stronger sense of dreamy atmosphere and brought listeners beautifully grim tales of witches, banshees, and sea sirens. In the time following, keyboardist Ruben Wijga (ex-Re-Vamp) took a larger role within the band and began playing shows, after being involved in the songwriting process since Fractured Fairytales.

A busy 2019 followed, the band released a haunting single in May entitled “Snow White and Rose Red.” A duet with Ulli Perhonen, their take on the Grimm’s fairytale featured striking cinematic visuals to accompany the spellbinding track. Continuing to dig deeper into fairytale realms, Blackbriar closed the year with their third EP, Our Mortal Remains. Ever-sharpening their intoxicating blend of storytelling and breathtaking musicianship, the EP brought about new live exposures for the act as well. Small, sold out tours with Epica in 2019 and 2020, as well as a sold out opening for Delain’s Apocalypse & Chill release show in Utrecht followed, with more future plans then being put on hold due to COVID-19.

Entering 2021, the band relinquished a bit of control in signing exclusively with Doomstar Bookings to help properly support their highly anticipated first full-length album, The Cause of Shipwreck, which released in April. Once again recorded with renowned producer Joost van den Broek (Epica, Powerwolf, Blind Guardian, After Forever) at Sandlane Recording Facilities, this release showcased the band’s continued evolution into masterfully dark gothic storytelling and theatrical aesthetics that entice you into a deadly yet spellbinding musical paradise. On the live front, launching into success with six sold out Dutch club shows, they later extended into more European territories such as Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, and the Czech Republic as the band moved into 2022.

Despite a very successful 2021, the band still hungered for more, unleashing their latest single, “Fairy of the Bog” in December. A song about ‘het meisje van Yde’ (Yde girl), it’s a mixture of folklore, myth, and ancient local history wrapped into a more mystical and magical package that showcases what Blackbriar does best. Due to winning ‘Drents Talent Award Culture 2021’ from ‘Stichting Kunst & Cultuur,’ Blackbriar performed ‘I’d Rather Burn’ live on television together with the Dutch ‘Noordpool Orchestra in early 2022. In April, the band parted ways with founding member and bassist Frank Akkerman. Not a band to slow down, they welcomed Siebe Sol Sijpkens from The Netherlands as their new bassist. A happy and energetic performer with a lifetime of global performances, he is a welcome addition to the act as they continue to strive forward. Rounding out the year, Zora was able to collaborate with folk rock act D’Artagnan on the beautiful track “My Love’s in Germany,” and Bart and Robin formed a partnership with Lignator Guitars.

2023 would prove to be the biggest year for Blackbriar to date. Officially signing to Nuclear Blast Records, the band also recorded their second full-length album A Dark Euphony, working alongside esteemed producer and continued collaborator Joost van den Broek. It’s a soundscape of “terrifying visitors, worlds far gone, gothic romances, bone-chilling legends, sin-eaters, burning hearts frozen in time, songs with a misleading voice, and a truthful whisper,” according to Zora Cock, as well as “our most complete, personal, and mature album to date.” A very successful pre-order campaign was once more launched in April, keeping that intimate connection with the fanbase alive.

This spring, Zora was able to collaborate with Charlotte Wessels at her Six Feet Under Studio to participate in a cover of the Ghost song, “Mary on a Cross,” in addition to Blackbriar being the special guest on her Dutch Club Tour. To build up the release of A Dark Euphony, the band departed on their first co-headlining tour last summer with Ad Infinitum across the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland, selling out the first four shows, including Tivoli Vredenburg, as well as maintaining very strong sales for the remaining performances. They also hit some festival dates, including Summer Breeze and the beautiful Rock the Lakes festival in Switzerland before the album’s release.

Now at the cusp of 2024, Blackbriar’s vision looks to the future, one that seems particularly promising with Nuclear Blast Records firmly backing their outward expansion, and already receiving a massive response to A Dark Euphony from critics and a burgeoning captivated audience . They are now setting their sights on the global stage, eyeing opportunities to lure new audiences with more international opportunities from their label. Eager to take advantage of these opportunities, the band is also planning to return to the studio late in 2024 to craft another enticing soundscape for 2025.