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Norwegian black metal titans 1349 have returned with their long awaited seventh full-length: ‘The Infernal Pathway’. The album promises a journey through chaos and madness, darkness and peril, terror and annihilation. 1349 is AURAL HELLFIRE. That has been, and continues to be, the primary concept since the band first rose from the ashes of Alvheim …

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A Pale Horse Named Death

Music is our saviour in even the darkest of times. A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH have demonstrated this unwavering truth throughout their first decade. Founded and led by multi-instrumentalist and Type O Negative alumnus SAL ABRUSCATO, the New York-based crew opened their creative account in 2011, with stunning debut album And Hell Will Follow Me: …

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When Abbath announced that he had left IMMORTAL, it sent massive shockwaves through the metal scene. The iconic frontman had long become the “face” of the Norwegian black scene, his image synonymous with the genre. Upon releasing his debut album with his eponymous new band, ABBATH, in 2016, trve fans were satiated with a dose …

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There are many ways to die but even more to kill as sonic mass murderers ABORTED elaborately explain since their forming back in 1995 and once again explicitly underline on their newest, eighth studio album “The Necrotic Manifesto”. Founding member and vocalist Sven “Svencho” de Caluwé reveals that conceptually “the album is our own take on …

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The coroner and his army “The music of Afsky is the opposite of down-to-earth, as the sound of the quartet feels like a massive stormy weather entering the city. You are shrouded by melancholy and sorrow, and you get completely hurt by frontman Ole Luk, who lives so much into the music that he too …

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Alda was formed in the fall of 2007 in Tacoma, Washington by a group of friends who had originally met and begun collaborating with each other in Eatonville, WA circa 2003. Our intent with this project has always been to create a musical and ideological coalescense to communicate our passions and convictions; chiefly being our …

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All Pigs Must Die

All Pigs Must Die are far more than the sum of their parts, and their fusion of crust punk, hard core and metal is more ferocious than ever before. The band return with Hostage Animal (October 27, Southern Lord) and an expanded lineup, thanks to the addition of Trap Them’s Brian Izzi. Bound by a …

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Angelus Apatrida

Spanish Thrashers Angelus Apatrida began their journey over a decade ago. Their powerful blend of old school Thrash and an unusual modern technical approach helped them to become leaders of the game in their homeland and one of Europe’s most promising Heavy Metal newcomers, that eventually helped them signing a record deal with Century Media …

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1987-1990Before Arcturus, there was Mortem, a death metal band formed in 1987 by Steinar (Sverd), Jan (Hellhammer), and Marius. Mortem released the Slow Death EP as a demo cassette, and later as a 7″ EP on the French underground label Putrefaction Records. There are no other known recordings with this band. 1990-1993Mortem changed their name …

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“If you’ve ever longed for the combination of Sigur Ros and Radiohead combined – listen no further” / Jer@SBS, Sleepingbagstudios Árstíðir’s latest album “Nivalis” was recently voted indie/alt. rock album of the year 2018 by the Independent Music Awards. Since Árstíðir’s formation in 2008 the band has released six full-length albums and through relentless touring …

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