Doomstar Bookings is a Dutch booking agency ran by Luc Favie and Luuk van Gestel that became an official company in early 2009. Doomstar Bookings books shows and tours through all of Europe and in some cases even beyond, for all sorts of (extreme) rock, metal, hardcore, punk, roots and affiliated styles. Over time the band roster and booking team have grown a lot and continue to do so each passing year. The company is now ran from an office in Eindhoven and has a number of freelance agents operating under this flag, working for 100+ international artists.

The Doomstar Bookings team can provide you with the following services:

  • book separate shows
  • book tours
  • provide tour requirements (through third parties) such as transportation (vans and drivers), tour management, backline, crew and merchandise
  • production of concerts and festivals

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