Welcome Author & Punisher!

Author & Punisher joins the Doomstar Bookings roster and announces his appearance at Frantic Fest and Void Fest next august! For booking inquiries, please get in touch with bart@doomstarbookings.com.

Shone, the creative core of Author & Punisher, started the project in 2004, setting out to craft devices (machines) as a force multiplier. That he could control machines to trigger a myriad of sound objects (synths et al.) was not just heuristic but revolutionary. Shone’s mechanical engineering and art background functioned perfectly as a catalyst to his songwriter form. To date, Author & Punisher has seven lauded full-lengths and one EP, the latest of which is Krüller. Shone’s unconventional yet assiduous methods with music and machine have landed crucial collaborations with Perturbator’s James Kent, and Tool’s Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor, who appear on Krüller tracks “Misery” and “Centurion,” respectively.

Shone states: “It’s my pleasure to announce that my new EU/UK agent will be Bart van Haare at Doomstar. Over the years I’ve gotten to know the Doomstar crew and they run a tight ship. Our goals for A&P line up really well; I’m excited to hit things hard this year and going forward as we cycle into a new album!”