Welcome One of Nine!

We are pleased to welcome One of Nine to the Doomstar family! For booking inquiries, please get in touch with bart@doomstarbookings.com.

The band states: “HARK, O free peoples of the East, and heed these words, for the hour of unending twilight fast approaches. Kneel, we say, and be spared the doom befalling those who defy the Host of Nine! Witness the Southron Legions march to the Eastern front and the black banners of the Nine wave side by side with those of the Doomstar Kingdom!”

Formed within the deepest halls of the Easternmost dungeon, the Nine shadows converge at last to remember the Hammer of the Underworld and stand in undimmed glory before the breaking of the world. Listen to the horn sound and the drums roll. Witness the Black Captain rise in his stirrups and sing in forgotten tongues, songs of power and terror to rend both heart and stone.

Behold the sword, long and pale.
Behold the chain, taut and cold.
Behold the Eye, piercing the veil.
Behold the Nine, shadows of old.