Welcome Royal Thunder!

Royal Thunder join the Doomstar Bookings roster and announce their appearance at Roadburn 2024! For booking inquiries please get in touch with bart@doomstarbookings.com. Tickets for Roadburn can be found here Roadburn.com.

The band states: “We are excited to join the Doomstar team along with its incredible roster! We look forward to working with them and are very thankful that they have opened the doors to seeing all of our fans in Europe in the near future.”

“Second chances in music—as in life—are rare. In a gated ecosystem that is set up to prevent even first chances, getting a do-over hardly ever happens. Perhaps no one in 2023 appreciates that more than the members of Royal Thunder. After nearly collapsing entirely under the weight of excess, the beloved Georgia band have reunited and returned with their first album in six years. 

For vocalist/bassist Mlny Parsonz and guitarist Josh Weaver, the title of their fourth record tells the tale: Rebuilding the Mountain. “There was so much shit that piled up over the years,” Weaver explains. “And because of all the drinking and partying, the business aspect got pushed aside. Our emotional bullshit got pushed aside. There’s just so much that got covered up in all this noise, and we just imploded. I think we all needed to grow up and mature.”