Welcome EIVØR!

We are pleased to announce that Eivør has joined the Doomstar Bookings roster! For booking inquiries in Europe, please get in touch with luc@doomstarbookings.com.

Eivør states: “We are thrilled to partner with Doomstar Bookings on all our upcoming live shows. An exciting run of 2024 concerts is coming soon!”  

Eivør has come a long way. She was born and raised in Syðrugøta, a tiny coastal village on the northern part of the Faroe Islands. This icy and windswept backdrop still ripples behind her boundless vocals, which have led her to become one of the most acclaimed artists in the Nordic world.

Just like her inspirations Björk and Sigur Rós, Eivør has won the Icelandic Music Prize more than once, along with multiple Danish Music Folk Awards and the 2021 Nordic Council Music Prize. Her combination of dark electronica and Faroese folk have racked up close to a billion streams, sold out tours in Europe and the United States and soundtracked God of War Ragnarök and Netflix’s flagship series The Last Kingdom


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