Welcome Shining!

We are pleased to welcome Shining to the Doomstar family! For booking inquiries, please get in touch with bart@doomstarbookings.com.

Jørgen Munkeby of Shining says: “I can’t wait to get out on the road again! We’ve taken a break from touring the last few years, while writing and doing pandemicky stuff. But I’ve been missing the energy from live concerts. I wanna see your sweat dripping! I wanna scream people in their faces. I wanna see the smiles and wide open eyes. I want live shows again! Let’s go!”

Shining debuted as an acoustic jazz quartet in 2001, but it wasn’t long before they stunned their audience by going electric. Their album “Blackjazz”, released in 2010, combined free jazz with blackened industrial metal to create a brand new Frankenstein’s Monster that grabbed the world by its throat. Their album “Animal” was another surprise, churning out one monster rock hit after another. The single “Animal” alone has over 11 million streams on Spotify, and the album increased the band’s Monthly Listeners by tenfold.

Shining’s new single – ‘Us against the world’ – proves that they have no intention of abandoning their rebellious nature. If you’re ready to challenge the status quo and fight against the norm, then Shining is the band for you. So turn up the volume and join Shining in their fight to stay rebels till the end!

“Norwegian outfit Shining have long been the kind of dudes to buck trends. Their latest single ‘Us Against The World’ might as well be a middle finger to everything.” – MetalSucks.


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