Welcome To Scumbag Millionaire!!

Scumbag Millionaire announce a new studio album and join the Doomstar Bookings! For booking inquiries in Europe, please get in touch with hugo@doomstarbookings.com

High energy action punk, straight out of the gutters of Gothenburg, Sweden, Scumbag Millionaire first generated a buzz back in 2014 with their single Full Speed Go, a song about Charlie Sheen’s drug abuse.

In 2018 they signed a record deal with Dutch label Suburban Records (Bad Nerves, The Sore Losers, Peter Pan Speedrock) and released their debut full-length Speed, produced by Micke Nilsson. The follow-up Poor and Infamous (2020) was recorded at Sunlight Studio with producer Tomas Skogsberg, and features guest vocals by Jennifer Israelsson (Hot Breath) and Elin Larsson (Blues Pills).

Known for their countless vinyl releases and explosive live shows, Scumbag Millionaire continues to live by the philosophy: One gear, full speed, go.