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Tormentor is one of the most extreme Hungarian metal bands from 1985. The band recorded their first demo, “The Seventh Day of Doom” in 1987 and then the legendary “Anno Domini” came out in 1988. They influenced bands like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, and Dissection. Euronymous from Mayhem wanted to release “Anno Domini” on his Deathlike Silence Productions label, which was why Attila was invited to join Mayhem after Dead’s death. In the end, “Anno Domini” was released by Nocturnal Art Productions, the label of Samoth from Emperor. In 2000, they released “Recipe Ferrum! 777” with some members of the original lineup. Since 2017 they have reunited in the classic lineup with Attila Csihar, Attila Szigeti behind the guitar, György Farkas handling bass and Machat St. Zsoltar on drums. Today they’re one of the only extreme bands who kept an original lineup from the 80s.