We are pleased to welcome our newest roster addition, Nyrst!!

Reykjavík, Iceland-based black metal act Nyrst was formed in the year 2013 with the aim of creating the coldest, most eerie and barren soundscape possible. After the release of their demo in 2016 and a full-length debut album, “Orsök”, in 2020 (DARK ESSENCE RECORDS), a dense atmospheric experience which gained much praise for perilous melodies and intense vocals, Nyrst display a vicious prowess in their craft uncharacteristic of a band so young into their career.

With no signs of ceasing their cold cacophony, Nyrst are intent on their audial onslaught performing at festivals around the globe and are announcing their appearance at Mystic Festival this summer! For more information and tickets, go to: https://bit.ly/Nyrst-MF-23

For booking inquiries in the UK/ Europe (excluding Iceland), please get in touch with bart@doomstarbookings.com