Welcome to Wolvennest!!

We are pleased to welcome Wolvennest to the Doomstar family! For booking inquiries in Europe, the United Kingdom and Russia, please contact alexander@doomstarbookings.com.

Wolvennest was founded in 2013 by Kirby Michel, Corvus Von Burtle and Marc De Backer. It proposed a compositional process of guitar loops, repetitive beats, synthesizer keys, mixed to darkened hypnotic ambient vocal sounds. Their debut album (2016) was described as a mix of 70’s krautrock psychedelic sounds mixed with early 90’s Norwegian black
metal, the whole unfolding like a swirling movie score. Their second album, “Void” (2018), channelled darker energy with mysterious vibes and brought the band to the most occult festivals and places in Europe.

In March 2020, Wolvennest started the recordings of their third full-length album at the beginning of the pandemic, diving humanity into obscure days and an unprecedented situation. For this opus, every member injected soul, heart, and sweat and opened the gates of their temple with songs. Listen to Wolvennest via wolvennest.bandcamp.com