Welcome to Iron Jinn!!

We are pleased to announce that Iron Jinn is joining Doomstar Bookings. For booking inquiries in Europe and the United Kingdom, please get in touch with bart@doomstarbookings.com.

Iron Jinn are Oeds Beydals, Wout Kemkens, Bob Hogenelst and Gerben Bielderman, and their debut full-length on Stickman Records (21st of April 2023) is a frantic album that follows the logic of a dream; none.

The nine songs on the album are the result of a chaotic accumulation of modern world impressions, information and conversations that are forcefully pushed through a human funnel: the minds of Oeds and Wout.Today, Iron Jinn are revealing its first single, ‘Soft Healers’. Listen and pre-save via https://bfan.link/soft-healers.

“When we wrote ‘Soft Healers’, the nasty throbbing sensation of the music drove me towards the old Dutch saying, ‘soft healers cause stinking wounds’. The song also deals literally with the physical side of thoughts and actions: matter over mind, a reversal of the popular modern world catchphrase. It’s hard to outsmart some realities, even in a world where everything is supposedly possible. You cannot always place will above matter, something we love to do.” – Wout Kemkens