WELCOME TO Ophidian I!!

In collaboration with Stronger Bookings, we are thrilled to welcome our newest roster addition, Ophidian I! For booking inquiries in Europe and the United Kingdom, please get in touch with sander@strongerbookings.com!!

After nine years, Iceland’s Ophidian I have returned to strike again. Formed in Reykjavík by Símon Þórólfsson (guitars) and Þórður Hermannsson (bass) in 2010, the snake-named outfit arrived at its debut, ‘Solvet Saeclum’, in 2012. Almost immediately after that, Ophidian I splintered to focus on other projects and hone their musical chops.

Fast forward six years later. Reborn, renewed, and reinvigorated, the group enlisted Daníel Máni Konráðsson (guitars), John Olgeirsson (vocals), and Ragnar Sverrisson (drums). Officially a five-piece, Ophidian I’s mandate was to shed the past and shred the future. To wit, the stunning new album, ‘Desolate’ (Season of Mist), wasn’t just a new chapter but a completely different saga.

Check out ‘Desolate’ via https://orcd.co/ophidiani-desolate

Band comments: “We are thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Doomstar and Stronger bookings!
Their roster finds us among some of the fiercest acts out there today so we are exhilarated for what the future now has in store for us.
We can’t wait to bring Ophidian I to a town near you, so be sure to stay tuned!”