Welcome to Kanonenfieber!!

We are pleased to welcome Kanonenfieber to the Doomstar family!! For booking inquiries in Europe and the United Kingdom, please get in touch with benny@doomstarbookings.com!

After the cheering of millions long since dead, five faceless men wander back into the human mills of the battlefields to report on the death and destruction of the unheard. It stinks of saltpetre, ammonia, decay and despair when Kanonenfieber grips the listener and the lost stories of the blood fields are recited in dirty Blackened Death.

Founded as a one-man project in Bamberg and made of steel and lead,
Kanonenfieber will now also conquer the live stages after its fantastic debut “Menschenmühle” and the following EP „Yankee Division“.

With a unique concept, far removed from the glorification of war and
industrialized dying, the band goes into the archives for the songs and into the long-forgotten correspondence between warriors and homeland in order to give back a face to the nameless horror. Listen to Kanonenfieber via https://linktr.ee/kanonenfieber !!