Welcome To Year Of No Light!!

In cooperation with Vedettes we are pleased to announce that from now on, Doomstar will take care of German and Austrian live bookings for the French post-metal collective Year of no light! For booking inquiries, please get in touch with alexander@doomstarbookings.com

Year of no Light are celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band this year. On the occasion of this, Pelagic Records have released not only their new album “Consolamentum” on July 2nd, but also a wooden box set containing their entire discography of 5 studio albums, several split EPs and the collaboration with Belgian composer Dirk Serries from the ‘Live At Roadburn‘ recordings, on 12 vinyl records.

The lengthy, sprawling and cinematic compositions of towering walls of guitars and sombre synths of the seminal French 6-piece irradiate a sense of dire solemnity and spiritual gravity. „Consolamentum” is huge, poignant, frightening, sublime, smothering and cathartic – and, much like its predecessor, “audacious, memorable and supremely confident (Decibel Magazine).

Photo credit: Nico Pulcrano